A bilingual catalogue (English/French), 160 pp., designed and internationally distributed by Mousse, accompanies the exhibition, with essays by Harry Garuba, Katerina Gregos, Pedro Monaville and Raoul Vaneigem.
The catalogue comes with the free artist publication “Postface to Personne et les autres“, conceived by Vincent Meessen, English, 72pp., designed by the artist and Speculoos, published and distributed by Mousse.

Available at the Pavilion, the Biennale bookshop, and selected art bookshops internationally.

The fonts used for the signalization and graphic material for the Belgian Pavilion are a specific form of the Belgika typeface, designed by Pierre Huyghebaert (of Speculoos, graphic designers of the Belgian Pavilion) partly in the context of the Belgica project, which Huyghebaert has been developing together with Vincent Meessen since 2012. The font (capital letters) is inspired by the signage of a Congolese trading post from the beginning of the 20th century. The Belgica is a speculative metafont, with every new release published as an open source with a free license. This type system re-explores the most classic and basic shapes found in naïve stroke drawings, offering multiple versions of each glyph. The font used here is a temporary application of the Belgica-Belgika combination, open to differentiation by its users and diametrically opposed to the accepted standards of typography. Download it, use it, study it, modify it, and redistribute it.